Is egg donation safe?

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Yes, egg donation is generally safe. A collection of studies of over 180,000 women found no evidence of increased risk for ovarian cancer after ovarian stimulation.

Possible risks and side effects of IVF with Egg donation

Some egg donors may experience side effects caused by fertility medication. Egg donation may be emotionally challenging for both parents and egg donors. Some of the risks for women using donor eggs are miscarriage and multiples.

How here at euroCARE we can decrease the risks?

EuroCARE is an all-encompassing clinic, offering many additional assisted reproductive technologies to upgrade your IVF cycle. Solutions such as assisted hatching, embryo glue or blastocyst transfer can increase the chances of succesfull pregnancy and decrease the risks of miscarriages or failed implantation. Our fertility experts are focused on applying a personalized approach with each patient, so the risk of hyper ovarian stimulation is minimalized.

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