What are the risks (including side effects) that we need to be aware of?

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As with any medication taken there can be some side effects however it is quite rare that patients notify us of any.  The side effects will be noted on the medication information leaflet.  If you do experience any then we advise you to let us know straight away so Dr. Vedat Uğurel can advise.

Every patient responds to the ovarian stimulation differently therefore a risk relating to the IVF procedure may be that it has to be cancelled due to poor ovarian response or ovarian hyper-stimulation. Also if the male partner does not produce any quality sperm in his sample or through a testicular biopsy procedure then the treatment may also need to be cancelled. In any case Dr. Vedat Uğurel will advise the best way forward for you such as egg or sperm donation.

The initial tests we ask you to do before commencing IVF treatment (Antral Follicle Scan, Hormone tests and sperm analysis) will however give Dr. Vedat Uğurel a very good idea from the start of your chances of IVF treatment using your own eggs and sperm. He will therefore be able to advise at that time if he feels a different route would be best to achieve pregnancy, thus saving the disappointment of any cancellations.

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