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How does gender selection work?

In vitro fertilization treatments allow constant monitoring of your conception process, from A to Z. That means we evaluate into depth your fertility status, the quality of your reproductive material (eggs, and sperm), and finally the quality of the embryos for transfer. 

The evaluation of the embryos includes preimplantation genetic screening that allows us to increase the quality of the IVF cycle, thanks to the ability to detect any kind of genetic abnormalities in the embryo. Besides the fact that this preimplantation genetic screening can increase the overall success of the IVF cycle, it gives the chance of family balancing. 

Thanks to these advancements in reproductive technologies, we can perform several steps after the fertilization that can result in the gender selection of the embryo that will be transferred. PGS is our best tool to help you select the gender of your child, no matter the reason. 

How do we perform Gender Selection? 

Embryo’s gender depends on the chromosomes that the man carries ( the sperm’s chromosomes). The sperm can carry either  X or the Y chromosome. The woman only contributes to the X chromosome to the fertilized embryo. The combinations are pretty simple. The presence of a Y chromosome in the sperm, with the X chromosome from the egg, makes it a boy. Two X chromosomes mean a girl. 

What is the procedure of Gender Selection with IVF in Cyprus? 

All the steps prior to the fertilization are the same as the conventional IVF procedure. The actual “magic” and gender selection happens after the fertilization. 

Several days after we fertilize your (or your donor’s) eggs with the sperm sample from your partner (or the donor’s sperm) under fully controlled conditions in laboratory conditions, we are able to evaluate your embryos.  

The preimplantation genetic screening is a type of test for genetic abnormalities in the embryo. We take a sample from the embryos in blastocysts stage – 3 to 6 cells for examinations, using a laser and a microscopic needle. This procedure is performed by our highly skilled embryologist. This type of biopsy is risk-free, as it is not damaging the further development of the baby because we remove only cells from the outer layer of the embryo –  trophectoderm. 

We ran the preimplantation genetic screening at our clinic under the supervision of our fertility experts and embryologists. Because there is a certain time for waiting for the results, we are temporarily freezing the embryos, to not lose any of their quality. 

The last step is evaluating the results from the PGS together with you, and selecting the highest quality, chromosomally normal euploid embryos with the preferred gender. 

What are the other benefits of including a preimplantation genetic screening to your IVF?

Many of our patients, not only those who are interested in certain sex of their next baby, are choosing this procedure to make sure that the most viable, high quality, chromosomally normal euploid embryos are going to be transferred to the woman’s body.  What risks can we actually avoid with PGS?

Inherited sex-associated genetic diseases 

The most important perk of this procedure is to prevent the transfer of inherited gender-associated diseases.  As you might already be aware, some inheritable genetic diseases are associated with certain sex and carried by the sex chromosome that determines the kid’s gender. 

Risks in men

For example, men are exposed to risk if they inherit an X chromosome with a recessive gene disorder because Y chromosomes do not contain the same genes and do not protect them from the disease. Parents who are aware of this risk, and would like to prevent it with having a female child are actually able to avoid:

  • transmitting X-linked recessive conditions, such as Duchenne muscular dystrophy 
  • hemophilia in males
  • Down syndrome

Risks in women

On the other side – our fertility expert would transfer a male embryo if there is an indication about a Fragile X syndrome when parts or full  X chromosome is missing. The intellectual development of the kid might be harmed due to this X chromosome’s abnormalities. Also, Autism is quite often developed in kids with a missing X chromosome. 

Avoid the risk of insufficient embryo development in the mother’s uterus

The reason behind implantation failure, miscarriages or unexplained infertility is very often the insufficient development of the embryo. Also, here we can list the reasons such as: 

  • Genetic abnormalities in the embryo 
  • Poor embryo quality 

With the PGS it is possible to detect the above-mentioned risk factors and avoid them with selecting the top quality embryos for transfer. 

No matter your circumstances, euroCARE IVF is here to help you!

We understand how stressful getting pregnant can be. A lot of worries, a lot of risks, a lot of decisions to be made.  Because of that, euroCARE offers you an extensive list of fertility treatments in Cyprus along with an experienced and always ready to help fertility team. 

We have prepared multiple packages with fertility evaluation and IVF treatments that are successful and low-cost fertility treatments

Use the free consultation, so you can gain an exact evaluation of the situation you are facing and the right treatment for you. Use the expertise of the best IVF doctors in Cyprus and raise your chances of getting pregnant with children of your preferred gender. 

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