Does IVF work?

IVF is one of the most commonly used and successful ART procedures primarily designed to treat infertility and prevent genetic abnormalities in pre-born babies. 8 million babies were born worldwide since the first one in 1978 as a result of IVF (and other ART procedures).

Your success with IVF depends on a number of factors including age, type of infertility, previous pregnancy, lifestyle, previous IVF cycles, use of egg donors, fertility clinic, etc.

For a better insight, here you can find some statistical data for our IVF success rate in 2017:

Age ————IVF ———Egg donation

20-29 ———75% ———80%

30-34 ———65% ———80%

35-39 ———51% ———78%

40-44 ———35%———78%

45 ———— / ————70%

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