How do I prepare for IVF?

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For us, as your future team towards pregnancy, each patient and IVF cycle is different. Thus, the preparation issue is hard to be answered straight forward.

First, you need to contact our patient coordinator to receive detailed information about our treatment programs.
Furthermore, you would be required to do a couple of fertility tests before starting and outlining your IVF treatment. Our clinic offers a list of IVF treatment and IVF cycle enhancements that can be included in your IVF cycle if is needed.

As soon as the basic IVF treatment strategy is established, Dr. Yücel İnan will create and prescribe you the ovarian stimulation protocol. You’ll be administered fertility medication and the ovarian stimulation process can soon begin.

After 10-11 days, Dr. Yücel İnan, your fertility specialist at euroCARE IVF, will collect a few eggs from your ovaries and will fertilize them in our state-of-the-art lab in North Cyprus. After fertilization, embryos will be transferred to your uterus in order to establish a pregnancy.

If you have other questions that cause you uncertainty or doubts, feel free to take the first step of preparation for IVF – Contact our fertility experts and book a free consultation with them. They are easily approachable and would be happy to help you overcome your fertility struggles.


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