Is IVF possible without ovaries?

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Fortunately, yes. Women’s reproductive system is very fragile. The ovaries are exposed to many serious health conditions such as cancer, PCOS, endometriosis, etc. Even though sometimes these conditions are successfully treated, in some cases this story doesn’t have a happy ending and the women end up with removed ovaries.

Usually, after the ovaries removal, the woman is diagnosed with infertility. That is the moment when IVF in Cyprus, as a highly developed assisted reproductive technology comes to the rescue. IVF in Cyprus technologies and treatments are designed to cope with different causes of infertility. Ovarian problems, or in this case ovarian removal makes you a suitable candidate for an IVF treatment. 

Let’s discover exactly how!

IVF treatments options if your ovaries are removed

It can be a devastating moment for those who dream to have a baby., Studies have shown that also, even for those who were not planning on starting a family soon, having the ovaries removed can be a strong depression trigger. 

Thus, the team standing behind euroCARE’s success would like to introduce you several solution strategies that can help you get pregnant even if your ovaries are removed.

Approach 1 – “Better safe than sorry” or “Egg Freezing”

This approach is suitable for you if you tend to play it safe. It is an extremely useful solution for women who are aware of their ovaries’ condition and maybe are struggling with PCOS. 

This approach is a combination of an IVF treatment with Egg Freezing or Oocyte cryopreservation. It is the most useful way to preserve your chances of being a biological mother to your child. With a carefully built up stimulation protocol, the medical therapy for ovarian stimulation can boost your ovaries to produce more eggs to be fertilized in our state of art laboratories.

The procedure of IVF with Egg Freezing

The procedure is very similar to the standard IVF procedure.  It starts with an extensive fertility evaluation by our medical team in order to get a full picture of your reproductive health. 

Based on this evaluation, EuroCARE’s IVF fertility expert is going to create a personalized ovarian stimulation protocol. Usually, women who struggle with PCOS are recommended to lower doses of ovarian stimulation medicine. The stimulation phase lasts 10 to 11 days. During this time, you will have to administer fertility injections, either in the comfort of your home or at our facility in North Cyprus. 

After the stimulation phase is marked as completed, the procedure of egg collection is performed. Our fertility team will perform this procedure in approximately 20 minutes, then the eggs are carefully stored and they can proceed to the next and final step. 

The retrieved eggs are not being fertilized at this stage yet. After the collection, they are being frozen for future use. There are no restrictions when you should proceed with your IVF treatment (Fertilization & Embryo transfer), but you have to be careful. Our Fertility is very fragile and sensitive and our age factor significantly influences the chances to get and carry out a healthy pregnancy to term. So keep that in mind! 

What are the benefits of the Egg Freezing?

Egg Freezing as an assisted reproductive technology offers you the chance to:

  • Be a biological mother of your child even without ovaries
  • Decide when you would like to get pregnant
  • Preserve your fertility even if you are suffering from some severe health condition 

IVF after ovaries removal with donor’s reproductive material (IVF with Egg Donation)

This is the post-ovarian removal solution that euroCARE can offer to help you get pregnant. With this combination of IVF with Egg Donor’s eggs, we can fertilize the eggs with your partner’s sperm. Your lack of ovaries won’t influence the fertilization process, and neither the embryo transfer. 

The procedure of the IVF with Egg Donation is almost the same as the standard IVF Cyprus treatment for you. For us, it means additional steps done in order to select and screen your perfect matching donor.  

IVF procedure with Egg Donation

Additional to the standard IVF Cyprus procedure is the step of selection of the Egg Donors. EuroCARE IVF in Cyprus is running an extensive selection process to obtain quality and success promising database of fresh Egg Donors. Our egg donors are young ladies, at the peak of their fertility, and that way we are obtaining high-quality eggs from them. Furthermore, we offer the chance of using your own egg donor, if you prefer. 

You, your partner and your egg donor are obliged to take the fertility evaluation. Furthermore, your egg donors undergo ovarian stimulation, followed by retrieval of mature eggs. After the egg collection, the eggs are fertilized by the sperm of the male partner (or sperm donor) in our laboratories. After several days, the embryo(s) are transferred in the uterus of the recipient, whose uterine lining has been appropriately prepared beforehand.

Our Egg donation success rate is proof that it can be your perfect solution after the ovaries removal. 

What if my partner has been diagnosed with infertility too?

Here at euroCARE, we have thought of that too. Even if your ovaries are removed, and your partner has also been diagnosed with infertility, there is still hope and proper solution.
We are also offering IVF with both Egg and Sperm Donation, or also called – Embryo Donation. So, your donor’s eggs can be fertilized also with the donor’s sperm and the final embryo would be transferred to your uterus. Embryo Adoption is also a reliable solution if you and your partner are diagnosed with infertility. 

Pick the most suitable treatment option at euroCARE for pregnancy with removed ovaries!

IVF Cyprus is a great option if you’re going through difficulties to build your own family after having your ovaries removed. Our cutting-edge technology, expertise, and constant monitoring ensure the success of each step of conception. Besides that, you can find low-cost IVF packages at euroCARE, that would ease your circumstances for choosing a proper IVF treatment and to get pregnant. Take your first step today and book a free consultation with the best fertility doctors in Cyprus!

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