Is IVF safe?

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Yes, IVF is generally safe. Anyway, the IVF cycle will cause changes in your body, some of them can be uncomfortable and painful, for some patients. 

However, as for every medical procedure, there are certain risks associated with the IVF procedure, including

  • multiple pregnancies
  • miscarriage
  • ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS)
  • bleeding or infection

which all can happen quite rarely.

Fertility experts have been investing a lot of effort into finding a suitable way to avoid or prevent the above-mentioned risks. The development of IVF  treatments is progressing at a fast pace, and euroCARE is applying the technological and medical trends in assisted reproductive technology.
We offer IVF cycles with minimal stimulation to prevent the development of OHSS, approach your case personally and treat your infertility case accordingly to your circumstances.

Our state-of-art laboratory and medical expertise are the solid ground on which we build our success, and your safety and comfort.

For every additional question that you didn’t find an answer yet, you can use the free fertility consultation that we offer. Our fertility team would be more than happy to discuss your concerns, circumstances and offer you support, and of course proper solution.

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