How do I have a successful twin pregnancy?

Got pregnant with more than one baby? Your pregnancy will most likely be different from a singleton pregnancy. However, expecting twins does not necessarily mean that you’ll experience more complications. With the right combination of positive lifestyle changes, guidance and support, you can set your path up for a successful pregnancy and delivery.  This guide […]

Zero sperm count doesn’t mean game over

With the decline in sperm concentration over the past 50 years, it’s no wonder why more and more men experience fertility issues. Azoospermia, or the complete absence of sperm in the semen, is the most severe sperm problem which affects 15% of infertile men.  If you’re struggling to conceive as a couple, this condition might […]

Complete guide to coping with PCOS

PCOS can be a distressing experience. However, with the right education, support and treatment you can manage your PCOS symptoms and feel better. No matter if you’ve been suffering from this condition for years – or have only recently been diagnosed – here you can find all helpful information on how to deal with PCOS […]

Understanding the role of FSH: Myths & facts

Originally used for the egg quantity assessment in fertility treatments, FSH is closely related to a woman’s fertility potential. Secreted by the anterior pituitary gland (a small, oval-shaped gland located on the underside of the brain), FSH is essential to the development and function of women’s ovaries.  Since it’s so important for conception, FSH is […]

Ovarian reserve and female fertility

Fertility science is complicated. There are so many factors involved and so many things to consider. If you want to decode your own fertility — regardless of your future family plans, ovarian reserve is a good place to start.  In this guide, you can find all information to understand your fertility through ovarian reserve testing […]

Can uterine fibroids affect IVF?

Uterine fibroids are a common disorder in women of reproductive age: About 20% to 50% of women have fibroids. Although many fibroids are completely harmless, you may still wonder how they may affect your IVF success and whether their removal would improve the outcome.  First, what are fibroids? Uterine fibroids, also called myomas, are abnormal […]

Is North Cyprus safe for IVF?

The COVID-19 pandemic has tested the promptness and efficiency of governments, healthcare systems and communities worldwide. Cyprus was one of the few countries that have responded remarkably well to the pandemic. With as few as 108 coronavirus cases, this Mediterranean island remains to be the safest country to travel in the post-Covid period for medical tourism. […]

Why should you consider IVF holiday?

A growing number of hopeful parents travel across the globe each year for fertility treatment. Complex local legislation, restricted access to anonymous egg donors and high costs are often the driving factors behind fertility tourism. Many patients also choose to combine treatment with a holiday abroad as a way to reduce the stress of the […]

Pregnant during Covid-19? Here’s how to protect yourself

Pregnancy following IVF treatment is a special time full of excitement and anticipation. Although we’re past the peak, parents-to-be should still follow all precautionary measures to prevent exposure to or spread of coronavirus infection. From protecting yourself before and during treatment to taking steps to ensure a healthy pregnancy to breastfeeding your baby in the […]

What you should know before IVF over 40?

There are many reasons why women decide to delay parenthood until their late 30s or 40s. These may include education, career, desire to find the right partner and reaching financial security. While the average age of first-time mothers has increased on a global scale, fertility still hasn’t changed — women do experience a decrease in […]