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IVF Over 40

IVF over 40 is a special program that enables women of advanced age to have a baby. See how you can have a healthy pregnancy in your 40s.

The field of reproductive medicine is moving forward at an astonishing pace, and through ongoing-research, our IVF centre is at the forefront of these advances. Located on the beautiful island of North Cyprus, EuroCARE IVF is an all-encompassing fertility clinic that provides innovative comprehensive care for patients of all ages, including individuals and couples in their 40s and 50s. 

Here at euroCARE IVF, one of the most frequently asked questions for our IVF specialists is “Is pregnancy possible after the age of 40?”

As the leading fertility center in North Cyprus, we specialize in helping women over the age of 40 become pregnant — using their own eggs and a treatment plan best suited to their individual clinical circumstances. In the last few years alone, many of our patients were between the ages of 38-58 years old.

Reaching Parenthood After 40

Once a woman reaches the age of 40, her chances of pregnancy decline. There are fewer eggs available in the ovaries, and the quality has diminished – as does the quality of the embryo after fertilization. With euroCARE IVF, 40 is not too late to follow your dreams, nor is it too late to have a baby.

What are your options? Our fertility center in North Cyprus offers  IVF, IVF with genetic testing, IVF with egg donation, and Tandem IVF.

IVF Over 40 at euroCARE

At the most prominent fertility center in Cyprus, we specialize in helping women who have a decreased ovarian reserve or high FSH level. Many of our patients have been told no by other centers that their eggs are no longer good and they need to pursue egg donation.

The euroCARE IVF team can help you evaluate all of your options, establish realistic expectations, and follow an appropriate course of infertility treatment to help you reach your dreams of parenthood.

Success with IVF Over 40 in Cyprus

Study showed that women at age 40-44 have an 11% chance of giving birth in their first IVF cycle, and a cumulative live birth rate of 21-34% after six cycles compared to women under 30 who have a 44% chance of a live birth in the first cycle, and a cumulative live birth rate of between 69% and 91% after six cycles.

Regardless of the challenges age may impose on women, there are still available treatment options that will make the most of your fertility after 40.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

For most women who want to conceive biological children after age 40, IVF with ovarian stimulation is the most reliable treatment option. Older patients using IVF need larger doses of fertility medications to produce more high quality eggs. Fertility drugs optimize the ovaries of women to produce and maturate healthy eggs. Stimulation protocols are tailored to the needs of each patient; there is no one-size-fits-all protocol at our fertility center.

IVF with Genetic Testing

Women over the age of 40 may be required to perform genetic testing at our fertility clinic in Nicosia if the baby is at risk of having a genetic condition. IVF with Genetic Testing refers to two types of tests that may be performed on embryos during IVF: PGS and PGD.

PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Screening) Cyprus is a type of test performed as part of IVF Cyprus that screens embryos for chromosomal abnormalities (aneuploidy) prior to their transfer into the uterus.

PGD (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis) Cyprus is a medical procedure performed before implantation that screens embryos for a specific genetic disease or disorder that is passed on by one or both parents.

In both procedures, embryos are analyzed for potential defects and only healthy embryos get transferred into the mother’s womb.

Tandem IVF

Tandem IVF Cyprus (also known as combined IVF) via our successful team is giving you the chance to use your own eggs while also having donor eggs as a back up plan for current/future cycles. If you have any questions, our patient coordinators will be with you every step of the way in planning your IVF journey.

Tandem IVF is recommended for individuals who had failed multiple IVF cycles due to poor egg quality.

Egg Donation

Egg donation Cyprus is the last treatment option offered to female patients over 40. IVF with donated eggs is beneficial though due to the high success rates. Women are offered a wide range of donor options at our fertility clinic for increasing chances of pregnancy success.

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