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Tandem IVF

Tandem IVF Cyprus is double-cycle treatment that uses your own eggs & donor eggs for maximum success. See how the procedure works.

A home to the latest innovative technology, EuroCARE IVF operates year-round and employs leading fertility specialists in assisted reproductive technology.

Tandem IVF, a special IVF treatment over 40, in our IVF clinic Cyprus

Women over 40 are often advised to use donor eggs. It is certainly not an easy decision to use the eggs of another woman to conceive your child. We understand this and do everything to give you a chance to attempt pregnancy with your own eggs first.

How two sets of eggs change the whole narrative?

Your chances of getting pregnant — and keeping pregnancy to term — drastically change with age. This is when Tandem IVF comes into play. The treatment includes services in all aspects of assisted reproductive technology designed to help patients with an unfavourable prognosis due to low/depleted ovarian reserve to get pregnant.

Tandem IVF was specifically designed for women who: 

  • have a low ovarian reserve
  • produce poor quality eggs 
  • have a history of failed IVF cycles

By effectively combining two (your and your donor’s) cycles, we give you the best possible chance of pregnancy. Using your own eggs while having donor eggs as a backup plan is a game changer. Instead of entering an IVF cycle, being unsuccessful, and then moving forward with donor eggs, we increase chances of success by up to 70% and help you save money in the long run.

How does the Tandem IVF cycle work?

In Tandem IVF, donor eggs are not our first choice — they are rather used as a backup plan. The procedure follows essentially the same steps as regular IVF-ICSI treatment. 

Fertility testing

Once we receive the initial tests, our fertility doctor will confirm the most suitable treatment plan for you. If there is any chance you can use your own eggs, then absolutely it will be offered.

Donor selection

The donor is specifically selected and as you begin stimulating your ovaries, the donor will also start hormone injections. This will ensure the perfect timing of the egg collection.

Egg retrieval & fertilisation

Once retrieved, both sets of eggs will undergo ICSI fertilisation with your partner’s (or donor’s) sperm.  We are able to see how both sets of embryos develop. 

Embryo transfer

The decision on the number of embryos will be made between you and our fertility doctor. There are three possible scenarios depending on the quality of your embryos. The doctor may decide to transfer: 

  • embryos only from your own eggs,
  • embryos only from donor eggs,
  • a combination of both.

Time in North Cyprus

When it comes to treatment duration, there is no universal rule. However, it is best to allow enough time for blastocyst day-5 transfer. Our doctor will also be able to monitor your progress the longer you can stay in Cyprus.  

Partial cycle

Generally, 10 days in Cyprus gives you enough time, however, dates will be discussed with you when you speak to your patient coordinator. 

Full cycle

If you wish to come to Cyprus for full treatment, then you would need to be here on day one of your period and stay for approximately 20 days. You can have the necessary tests carried out here and go on to have the treatment at that time. 

Give yourself the best chance of pregnancy with EuroCARE IVF!

Tandem IVF is not available in many clinics around the globe. At the leading fertility clinic in North Cyprus, EuroCARE IVF, we are able to offer this outstanding treatment option.

Our goal is to ensure that you receive the highest quality care in a comfortable, inviting atmosphere. Connect with our amazing patient coordinators to get the best possible advice.

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