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Our Speacialty Services

In Vitro Fertilization

Led by the best
fertility experts in North Cyprus, EuroCARE IVF is offering IVF treatments brought to perfection
resulting in the highest success rates in the region. Find your suitable solution on our threshold!

Young and Fertile Egg Donors

EuroCARE IVF offers a renowned Egg Donor program that meets the criteria of the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology. We have built extensive database of Egg Donors available for you!

Family Balancing

We bring
the latest technological enhancements
in reproductive technology
in Northen Cyprus.
With our highly
successful Gender Selection program, you can
balance your family.

Tandem IVF

Tandem Cycle IVF
treatment at our
North Cyprus fertility
center is suitable for
women who prefer their
eggs as a first choice
during the IVF cycle.
Donor’s eggs are used as a backup plan.


Donation Programs


IVF Treatments


Upgrades To IVF Cycle

One Team, One Location

IVF Cycles


Top 6 Reasons to Choose EuroCARE IVF

We encourage you to connect with us.

Affordable Treatment.

Exceptional services and costs that are reasonable and affordable. Contact us to learn more.

No Waiting List

Start your family building journey today. Schedule treatment when it’s best for you.

High Success Rates

Our IVF center is helping 8 out of 10 patients achieve positive pregnancy success.

Expert Fertility Specialists

Experienced team of fertility specialists who are driven by intended parents who are chasing a dream.

Hotel Accomodations

We want you to be comfortable. Comfort starts with the best accommodations in North Cyprus.

Relaxing Environment

Situated in the scenic town of Nicosia. Relax and unwind in a stress-free environment.

We Offer Best IVF Packages For You

covid19 medical worker

We are open and accepting patients from all over the world

As your trusted partner on your journey to parenthood, we want to reassure both our current and new patients that we remain open, operating at full capacity. You can feel confident that our EuroCARE team has put effective anti-coronavirus measures in place which allow us to offer treatment safely for our patients and staff.

Call us today and speak with an experienced member of our team, or read our FAQs to find answers to common questions related to Covid-19.


Birth Announcements

Kadidja - Germany
Gemma & Kate - UK
Michael - Netherlands
George Mather - UK

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