Can I choose my egg donor?

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The Egg Donation infertility program at euroCARE IVF is one of the most advanced in vitro fertilization programs in Cyprus. It contains several available treatments that help infertile couples to overcome female infertility.

Our mission with this Egg donation program is to enable our patients and our donors the chance to choose! We give a chance to our patients the possibility of choosing the Egg donor according to their personal preferences.

For our donors, we give a chance to choose to be proud of themselves and feel the blessing of giving a couple the joy of a child!

We are aware that dealing with infertility can be overwhelming. Even more, picking an egg donor can be hard for our patients. Anyway, euroCARE can assure you of one certain thing –  the quality of the donor’s eggs is examined to the smallest details!

And no matter your preferences, your IVF treatment will be performed with the maximal quality of the fertilized embryo.

First, let’s make sure you fully understand what IVF with Egg donation means

In vitro fertilization (IVF Cyprus) is a type of assisted reproductive technology that helps couples to get pregnant with fertilizing the egg and the sperm outside the woman’s body.

IVF Cyprus is a complex series of steps including expended fertility evaluation, retrieval of the reproductive material, monitoring of all the aspects of the reproductive material’s quality and using the best of it for fertilization and embryo transfer.

The last steps of the IVF Cyprus involve the evaluation of embryo quality and the final transfer of the embryo to a woman’s body. Every step of the IVF procedure is closely examined by our fertility experts, so our patient’s chances of a healthy pregnancy would be increased.

IVF treatments can be done with the couple’s reproductive material, or, in case of any abnormality detected within the women’s reproductive material, with using donor’s egg.

The IVF procedure with Egg Donation is almost the same as with the couple’s own reproductive material. Just instead of the women’s own egg, the donor’s egg is used for fertilization. The donors, as well as the recipients, are obliged to undergo an extensive fertility evaluation.

How does euroCARE assure the maximum quality of the egg donors?

Our clinic has established a strict and extensive screening process for Egg Donors. That way, we are increasing the chances that your IVF treatment will result in a healthy pregnancy and minimal risk of complications.

Criteria 1 – Age

The first important criterion for accepting an Egg Donor candidate is their age. Our clinic accepts women who are theoretically at the pick of their fertility. That means, 20 to 28 years old women are suitable for donating eggs at our clinic.

Criteria 2 – Existence of harmful habits

The second important criteria are if the woman is a smoker or alcohol consumer. As these two factors can severely harm women’s reproductive health and material, we don’t accept smokers or women who consume alcohol.

Criteria 3 – Healthy reproductive system

The third criteria are no abnormalities found at the initial fertility evaluation. The fertility evaluation contains:

  • Check of the level of Anti Mullerian Hormone (AMH)
  • Check of the level of Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH)
  • Check of the level of Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH)
  • Checks for Estradiol (E2) and Prolactin
  • Transvaginal ultrasound scans

Criteria 4 – Preserved health and no genetic anomalies

The fourth step is health / genetic tests which also should pass without any detected anomalies, so the candidate for Egg donation would be accepted at our clinic. This step includes examination for the presence of:

  • HbsAg (Hepatitis B)
  • HIV (AIDS)
  • Anti-HCV (Hepatitis C)
  • VDRL (Syphilis)
  • Thalassemia
  •  Karyotyping
  •  Hemogram

Criteria 5 – Interviews, medical history, and psychological evaluation

Besides all of the initial and health checks, the Egg Donor candidates have to pass through

  • extensive application and interview process
  • A detailed review of their and their family’s medical history
  • assessment for genetic counseling
  • psychological evaluation by our medical team on site

Once all of the examinations, checkups, and interviews are reviewed and approved by our fertility experts, the candidate for Egg Donor is one of the available donors for you. At this point, what we have made sure is whoever you choose, you are choosing one of the best!

When quality is ensured, what choices you have further?

We have a huge egg donor database and we are providing you many possibilities in finding your exact match. But first, we are offering you to choose if you would like to have an IVF treatment with an anonymous donor or known donor.

Who is an anonymous donor?

Anonymous egg donation is a type of matching of the egg donor and recipient, where the identity of the egg donor stays anonymous. The donor is not in any possible way related to the recipient, or known to the recipient. This means that the prospective parents are trusting in our matching services to find the most suitable donor for their IVF Cyprus treatment.

These egg donors are anonymous and euroCARE accepts them to our database if they’ve fulfilled all the criteria mentioned above. That means, non-smokers, they don’t consume alcohol, they are 100% healthy and fertile!

How the recipient choose an anonymous donor?

The recipient has to fill out a medical form defining your preferences at the beginning of the IVF process. Recipients who would choose anonymous egg donor will have to provide the following information:

  • Preferred physical features of the egg donor (hair, skin color, eye color, height, weight)
  • Preferred professional and educational background (educational background, career)
  • Preferred personal profile (hobbies, type of personality)
  • Recipient’s and their partner blood group
  • Recipient’s medical history (For exp. Inherited genetic disease)
  • Recipient’s picture

Our matching services are going to carry out profiling of your preferences and personal information and find the perfect match to it in the internal database of Egg Donor.

Eurocare IVF Cyprus as a profound clinic is following the legislative for egg donation procedures. Using our database of egg donors underlines full anonymity between the recipient and the donor. The identities of both sides are staying unknown and they can’t be traced. Any type of communication between the two parties is disabled.

Who can be a known donor?

If you prefer this option, then euroCARE enables the possibility to bring your own egg donor to North Cyprus too. We fully understand that some of you would like to have full control over the process of choosing an egg donor.

The known donors are often a close friend or even a family member. Also, in this case, both the recipient and the known donor have to work with our clinic’s team to ensure that both parties fully understand the implications of the egg donation process.

This type of donor is also obliged to fulfill the checkup procedure as the one mentioned above. Our fertility experts would evaluate the fertility and health results, and if all the criteria are fulfilled, then your donor is getting approved and the IVF Cyprus procedure would start.

What steps are following after choosing the donor?

This part we will dedicate to briefly walk you through to the procedure of IVF treatment with Egg donation. After the initial screening of both parties, the following steps take place:

Matching process and stimulation

This step involves the process of selection of your donor. When your perfect match is confirmed and your donor is officially selected, we will start preparing her body here in North Cyprus.

The recipient is starting with medication therapy at home or in North Cyprus.

Synchronization (If needed)

If the patient chooses to go with a known donor, then there would be an additional step of synchronizing of menstrual cycles.

When the patient chooses anonymous donor this phase of synchronization is not mandatory. Thanks to our extensive database of donors, we can find an exact match to our patient’s cycle.

Donor’s and recipient’s preparation and stimulation

The egg donor will receive injections and frequent ultrasound and blood tests for 10-4 days to assure proper egg development and maturation.

At the same time, the recipient has to start the uterus’s preparation with prescribed medication, at home. We will prepare a treatment protocol and send it to the patient that shows which medication to use, how to use it  and schedule the arrival to our clinic in Cyprus. Our treatment protocol guides the patient day by day.

Upon the recipient’s arrival at our clinic, both sides’ cycles are synchronized and the donor’s eggs are ready for the IVF treatment.

Egg retrieval and sperm retrieval

Retrieval of donor’s eggs

When the synchronization is done and the stimulation has resulted in proper maturation, the donor’s eggs have to be retrieved and collected.

The donor’s eggs are retrieved with an ultrasound-guided aspiration to harvest the mature follicles.

Retrieval of sperm

If there was no difficulty for the patient to deposit the sperm, this procedure doesn’t take much time. In case, when the patient is experiencing some problems with it, then the sperm is going to be retrieved too with one of the sperm retrieval methods:

  • Percutaneous sperm aspiration (PESA) – Sperm is collected directly from the reservoir of sperm above each testicle
  • Testicular sperm aspiration (TESA) – Retrieval of seminiferous tubules with a fine needle passing through the testes.
  • Testicular sperm extraction (TESE) – Removal of a small part of testicle’s tissue to extract few sperm cells from the tissue
  • Micro TESE – Taking a sample of sperm through a very small incision in the scrotum.

Fertilization with ICSI

After the reproductive material from the egg donor and the male partner is retrieved, fertilization takes place.

Fertilization at euroCARE IVF Cyprus is performed with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI). With the ICSI procedure, the healthy sperm cells are isolated and injected into each egg. After fertilization, the embryos are carefully examined by our experts and the healthiest embryo is considered for embryo transfer.

Our medical team will discuss with the couple about the number and the quality of embryos as a result of fertilization, and then decide on the number of embryos that will be transferred.

Also, if the future parents want to determine the gender of the baby, prior to the embryo transfer, the team of euroCARE can perform the Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS).

Embryo Transfer

When the fertilization is done, and the embryo is fully developed to the blastocyst stage, then it is time for the next step. The embryo with using advanced technology is transferred to the recipient uterus.

This is the final step of the IVF treatment in Cyprus, but we would excitedly hope to hear from you 12 days after the embryo transfer about your pregnancy test result!

Embryo Freezing

If you have extra embryos that are not transferred from the first cycle, then we can freeze them at our clinic. euroCARE provides this option for those who would like to have another baby in the future.

Time in North Cyprus

When deciding to undergo an IVF treatment with Egg Donation, each patient should be aware that they should reserve some time for their visit to our clinic in North Cyprus. Usually, the duration of your stay in North Cyprus for IVF with Egg Donation process is 9 days.

Each patient should keep in mind that the IVF process is a sensitive and complex set of procedures, and not always goes as an exact plan. Sometimes, according to the recipient’s endometrium lining, the length of the procedure will vary.

IVF vacation in North Cyprus

It might take some time and organization of your work schedules, but what you have to lose? Consider the visit to our clinic as a vacation.

The clinic is set between the beauties of the island and our patient coordinators will take care of everything for you. You can count on their help with finding accommodation, your transport from and to the airport, guiding through the IVF process and the surrounding too.

We are giving our best to provide you maximum space and time for relaxation and stress relieving conditions.

Pick the best treatment option at euroCARE for a successful pregnancy!

IVF Cyprus is a great option if you’re going through difficulties to start a family. The IVF Cyprus success rates and IVF Cyprus Egg donation rates that our clinic is proudly presenting are proving that you are at the right place for making the first step towards getting pregnant!

At euroCARE, we offer many possibilities when considering Egg Donation. We have established an extensive database of our own donors, enabled the possibility to choose your known donor and undergone IVF treatment at profound facilities and conditions. We use the latest technology from reproductive medicine, quality control, and constant monitoring to ensure the success of each step of conception.

Check out our low-cost IVF with Egg Donation programs at euroCARE, a leading IVF clinic situated on the beautiful island of Cyprus. Take your first step towards pregnancy and book a free consultation!


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