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Embryo Donation

Embryo donation Cyprus uses eggs & sperm from donors to reach pregnancy for couples with dual infertility. Check out the program details.

The leading fertility center in North Cyprus, euroCARE IVF, is equipped to provide our patients with every facet of care — needed and deserved. Our on-site surgical lab combined with our embryology laboratory handles everything from hormone evaluations to semen analysis.

a baby born through Embryo donation CyprusThe leading fertility center in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is helping hundreds of couples enjoy parenthood. Our embryo donation program is centered on extraordinary IVF success rates to achieve successful, positive pregnancies.

Embryo donation at euroCARE IVF is defined when a single woman or couple cannot produce viable egg and/or sperm — and need to use both forms of egg donation and sperm donation to have the baby they desire.

Do you have questions regarding embryo donation? Our caring patient coordinators are available to speak with you about your personal circumstances and help you plan for your treatment.

Egg & Sperm (Embryo) Donation

Embryo donation in North Cyprus offers couples the chance to experience the excitement involved in pregnancy and bonding with the child. We must make sure your womb is prepared for the treatment to ensure the best chance of a successful result. Once the doctor has confirmed your treatment plan, we will be sending your prescription and medication protocol. Our patient coordinators are here to advise you every step of the way.

Your egg and sperm donor will be selected and will start preparations at the Clinic in North Cyprus while you begin your medication at home. The egg donor will require daily injections and regular monitoring to develop her eggs. When the eggs are matured, the egg collection procedure is performed. Sperm will also be prepared the same day. The eggs are then fertilized with the sperm using the ICSI procedure and the resulting embryos monitored by our advanced laboratory.  We prefer to transfer the embryos when they reach blastocyst stage on day 5 of their development.

You only need to spend a few days in North Cyprus for the transfer procedure as long as you can have scans in your home country to check the lining development. This allows the Doctor to make any necessary changes to the medication before you arrive.  Of course you are more than welcome to spend as long as you wish in the beautiful country of Cyprus. Our experienced patient coordinators will make sure your journey is planned accordingly.

If you desire — we can also include the Preimplantation Genetic Screening (PGS) — if you wish to know the gender of your embryos before they are transferred to the womb. Our clinic can also freeze any remaining embryos you have in case you are thinking about a sibling in the future.

Embryo Adoption

Embryo Adoption is a wonderful gift.  Some couples who have chosen to freeze their embryos and decided they will not be returning, are generous and thoughtful enough to donate them to other couples. They not only had the opportunity to become parents, but they also want to help others build a family.  This is called Embryo Adoption. This treatment is not always readily available as not everyone will wish to opt for donating their embryos until they are 100 percent sure it is what they wish to do.

Egg Donor Details

Our egg donors undergo meticulous screening before joining our egg donation program.  This ensures they are fertile and free from any genetic or infectious diseases.

According to legislation regarding Assisted Reproduction, anonymity between the egg donor and the recipient is essential therefore we cannot show images of our donors.  Using your photograph and medical evaluations, the euroCARE IVF team will organize your donor details.  For most patients, it is very important that the egg donor has similar physical attributes. We understand this and work diligently to provide only a suitable match.

Here at euroCARE, we have one of the largest and most diverse egg donor databases. Many of our donors are students here at one of the five local universities. We can share the following details with you regarding your egg donor: Blood type, age, eye & hair color, weight, height, skin tone, occupation, education, and nationality. Our donors are between the ages of 20-28 and all eggs collected are exclusively yours — as we do not offer egg sharing.

Sperm Donor Details

The euroCARE  IVF team will provide you a suitable sperm donor. We will ask you for the features that you are seeking in your donor, including height, eye and hair color, weight, skin tone, occupation, education, and nationality.  Sperm donation is also anonymous and for this reason we do not show pictures of the donor.  All sperm donors also go through an intense screening process to ensure they are suitable to donate, have healthy motile sperm, and are free from genetic or infectious diseases.  Regular testing follows to ensure fertility and health is maintained.

Embryo Donors/Parents Screening

Couple/Prospective Donors

  • Embryos must have been created more than 180 days before consideration for donation
  • Initial consultation with physician and/or embryologist
  • Psychological consultation is strongly recommended for all couples,
  • Legal consultation with a reproductive health attorney is strongly recommended, but not required

Both Partners/Prospective Donors

  • Completion of Male & Female Embryo Donor Profiles (eg. Medical History, Genetic History, etc)
  • Completion of Donor Questionnaire and eligibility screening form
  • RECOMMENDED TESTING (but not required):
    • FDA Male & Female Guidance Blood Infectious Disease Screening – includes HIV, Hepatitis B/C, Syphilis, Gonorrhea/Chlamydia – Male testing also includes HTLV-1 and 2, CMV IgG/IgM
    • Genetic screening by blood test for appropriate genetic disorders (based on ethnicity) – (if not already known and documented)
    • Blood type (if not already known and documented)


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