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Embryo Glue

Embryo glue is used to upgrade the IVF cycle and increase the chances of successful implantation. Eurocare offers this progressive solution for you.

Constant improvements are a must in our field. The realm of reproductive technology especially treating infertility, requires a constant drive to improve through innovation, each of the IVF cycle steps. We are keeping with the fast pace of the developments in the field, and we can proudly offer upgrades to the IVF cycle through technological solutions. One of these is Embryo Glue, which can maximize the chance of successful implantation.

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) have become an inevitable part of infertility treatments nowadays. The development of new, IVF additional technologies that can improve the outcome from each step of the IVF cycle has become progressive and fast.

The team responsible for EuroCARE’s success is dedicated to implementing these advances at our clinic and making them easily accessible and affordable for everyone. Therefore, we introduce Embryo Glue within our list of Upgrades for your IVF treatment.

Embryo Glue at EuroCARE in Cyprus

 We fertilize the oocytes outside of the women’s body, and we must then keep the resulting embryos in laboratory conditions until they reach their optimal development phase before the final transfer.  This gives us the opportunity to monitor the embryos and make sure their ability to hatch and implant is on a high level.

Embryo Glue is a boosting culture medium for improving the embryo’s ability to develop properly in the uterus and assist in implantation. It differs from the standard culture medium for embryo growing in containing an extra quantity of the compound called Hyaluronan, which is a complex macromolecule that can be found in the tubal and uterine fluid.

Hyaluronan naturally is known to provide high viscosity environments in the uterus. The synthesis of hyaluronan in the uterus increases dramatically before implantation and so by using Embryo Glue, we are aiming to mimic the natural bodily process for achieving pregnancy.

The Procedure at EuroCARE

After the eggs are collected, they are placed in a medium also containing Hyaluronan which ensures the eggs are preserved and absorb the necessary compounds for proper development.  The eggs remain in this medium until they are fertilized with the sperm.

After fertilization the culture medium is used for growing and developing the embryos.  Embryo Glue is added in the last step, shortly before the transfer of the embryo to the womb.

Using the Embryo Glue technology decreases the risks of failed implantation or insufficient development of the embryo after the transfer to the uterus.

Who is suitable for an IVF with Embryo Glue treatment?

Embryo glue has been introduced to increase the chances of successful implantation during an IVF in Cyprus cycle. This assisted reproductive technology is recommended for everyone who wants to avoid the risk of implantation failure.
Of course, there are cases in which adding this special technology to the IVF cycle is more than recommended, and those are:

  • Those with a history of failed IVF cycles
  • Those with a history of miscarriages

EuroCARE as your partner to pregnancy

We would be glad if you contact our patient coordinators to use our free consultation services to discuss your cases with us. No matter your circumstances, our specialized team would find a proper package and treatment strategy so we can increase your chances of successful pregnancy as best as we can.

Our fully personalized approach, the state of art laboratories, the wide range of treatments that we offer, our always positive fertility team and relaxing location are coming along with the low – cost and affordable infertility treatment programs that we offer.Resources:

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