How many eggs can be expected on collection day?

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The number of eggs collected depends on each individual patient’s fertility levels and ovarian reserve.  For example, our donors being young and fertile will produce 10-20 eggs.  In addition, the number of embryos created depends on how many eggs produced and the quality of the sperm used.

IVF Cyprus success rates are high with the help of personalized ovarian stimulation protocols depending on the woman’s fertility. The standard IVF treatments are guided by the motto – The more mature eggs, the more chances for a successful pregnancy. The stimulation protocol can vary according to the woman’s fertility condition. The number of eggs that our fertility doctors are able to retrieve depends on several factors. Thus, the number of expected eggs is also different for every IVF cycle and every woman.

General estimation of expected eggs based on studies

A study carried out by a USA fertility center, collecting data from 400.135 IVF cycles between April 1991 and June 2008 manage to give an optimal number of eggs that should be retrieved. This study includes the age of the woman, the number of eggs collected from them and the live birth after the IVF cycle.
Based on this, the optimal number of retrieved eggs is 15. 

Retrieving 15 eggs after the ovarian stimulation protocol also can prevent the development of hyperstimulation syndrome in the woman undergoing an IVF cycle. 

However, the number of collected eggs depends on the woman who is undergoing the IVF procedure. Factors such as: 

  • Her age
  • Her hormone levels 
  • Her response to the ovarian stimulation protocol 

can significantly change the expectations about the retrieved eggs.

That’s why some women can have successful IVF even with fewer eggs collected, whilst some with more than 15 eggs collected.

Our fertility doctors carefully examine the patient’s state and most importantly, their hormone levels. During the stimulation protocol and IVF cycle, the levels of estrogen should be controlled, because disbalance of this hormone can affect the implantation process, and maybe the pregnancy itself. 

How euroCARE makes sure you are on the right way?

Ultrasound scan which Dr. Yücel İnan will carry out on your first appointment will allow him to see how well your follicles have developed and be able to give you an indication then of how many eggs you are likely to produce.

euroCARE’s policy is to make checkups in the middle of the stimulation phase, so our fertility experts can evaluate the woman’s response to stimulation therapy. After this mid-stimulation scan and checkup, the stimulation protocol might change, so better results would be achieved. Hyperstimulation syndrome develops in only 10% of the women, but our team and approach are established in such a way,  that it can be prevented and avoided. 

If you have any concerns or questions related to the IVF Cyprus cycle, infertility or any other struggle you might be experiencing on your way to pregnancy, you should contact our patient coordinators. Through a free consultation, they would be able to hear your experience, share some of their expertise, and help you built the right IVF solution for you.


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