Is egg donation paid?

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The Egg Donation Program cost at euroCARE IVF  is covered by the patient(s) undergoing an IVF treatment with Egg Donation. Our IVF with Egg Donation packages involves the costs for the donor’s procedure (screening, egg retrieval) also.

The patient(s) is responsible for covering all medical expenses for the Egg Donor, including any additional expenses that might arise due to complications. In case the recipient doesn’t get pregnant with the first treatment, the donors might be asked to donate eggs for a second time.

Getting pregnant with Egg Donation at euroCARE IVF

The IVF with Egg Donation program at euroCARE IVF is specific by the high success rates.  Out packages for this treatment are affordable and suitable for both, the donor and the recipient.  Seek advice from our fertility doctor to help you make a well-informed decision about your next treatment in Cyprus.

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