Can I choose sperm donor?

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EuroCARE IVF is an all-encompassing modern IVF clinic with a well established and successful reproductive material donation program. Our IVF with Sperm donation is one of the best sperm donation programs in North Cyprus. This program, as well as the two more donation programs that we have (Egg and Embryo Donation), is in compliance with the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

We’ve put a lot of attention and time to develop this program because we consider the IVF with Sperm Donation as one of the most important programs that we can offer to our patients. This program has been found suitable not only for treating infertile couples in which male infertility was detected but also gives chance to those women who have decided to go solo on the motherhood journey. Furthermore, it gives an amazing opportunity to same-sex couples who are willing to start a family.  

Thus, we are very glad that we can offer this chance to our patients as well as provide more information about the sperm donor and familiarize them with the possibilities at euroCARE IVF. 

What is IVF with Sperm Donation at euroCARE IVF?

Our IVF with Sperm Donation program is following the same procedure as for the standard IVF, with only difference in the Fertility Evaluation of the Sperm Donors and the additional step of the matching process that we would carry to find the right Donor for you. The matching process is not a mandatory one, and you can skip it by direct selection of your Sperm Donor from Cryos. 

Our Sperm Donation is enabled with close cooperation with Cryos International Sperm bank from Denmark. This cooperation enables us to provide you with the highest quality sperm for your IVF cycle at euroCARE IVF.

When speaking about the matching process we refer to collecting information from you about the preferred specifics of your Sperm Donor. The Sperm Donors in compliance with the local legislative are staying anonymous, so the real identity of the Sperm Donor won’t be revealed. 

Features to choose when choosing your Sperm Donor

Before initiating your IVF cycle with Sperm Donor, euroCARE IVF collects all your preferences about your Sperm Donor. Based on these, we are creating the profile of your preferred Sperm Donor and we send the request to our partner Sperm Bank – Cryos. You can also skip this step, and choose your sperm donor directly from Cryos International Sperm Bank.

So, here are the features that you will need to think about when providing is with preferences about  your perfect Sperm Donor :

  • age
  • nationality
  • height
  • weight
  • blood type
  • skin color
  • hair color
  • eye color
  • educational background
  • previous donation history

What are you choosing when selecting an IVF with Sperm Donation with euroCARE IVF and Cryos International Sperm bank?

Besides choosing parenthood and gaining the opportunity to reach it with the help of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART), here is what this fruitful cooperation of two renowned fertility clinics offers you with IVF with Sperm Donation: 

  • Diverse, numerous database of Sperm Donors 
  • Top-quality Sperm Donors that met the criteria of the extensive screening process
  • Best fertility doctor in Northern Cyprus guiding your IVF cycle 
  • The chance for solo pregnancy 
  • The perfect bundle of genetics and features according to your personal preferences 
  • Fully monitored IVF cycle with the cutting – edge technologies at euroCARE IVF
  • No waiting lists

Pick the most suitable fertility treatment option at euroCARE for motherhood!

The IVF Cyprus success rates and IVF Cyprus Egg donation rates that our clinic is proudly presenting with the top quality database of Sperm Donors that Cryos International Sperm Bank is proving that you are at the right place for making the first step towards getting pregnant! 

Check out our low-cost IVF with Egg Donation programs at euroCARE, a leading IVF clinic situated in the middle of Cyprus’s beauties. Take your first step towards pregnancy and book a free consultation!




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