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Cost of IVF in Cyprus: Can we afford it?

Choosing the best fertility clinic is challenging. Here's how to choose cost-effective IVF treatment and how our programs can fit your needs.

IVF treatment costTrying to get pregnant is one of the major milestones in everyone’s life. The importance sufficiently speaks about the challenges that it can bring in our lives. The difficulty of  this challenge is different for everyone. Fertility is a sensitive subject and one’s reproductive health is very vulnerable.
Many fertility problems can occur, but infertility is the most serious challenge one can cope with. 
This diagnosis does not only involve a medical problem but also financial worries and looking for the right strategy on how to approach it.

The challenges of infertility and treating infertility are addressed to the fertility clinics too. It requires constant research, investments in new and modern technologies, development and most importantly, being able to provide the maximum quality conditions for everyone, anytime.

The prices of IVF treatment varies from country to country. For some couples or individuals, the treatment they need is not available for the price they can afford in their hometown.  For some, the legislations make it impossible to undergo certain treatment. That is the moment when a vast amount of patients decide to go abroad for IVF treatment. North Cyprus is one of the top destinations offering affordable and quality IVF treatment. 

What makes treatment affordable?

When thinking about affordability in reproductive technology, it is important to approach with two main questions:

  • What the certain cost of the treatment covers?
  • What is your budget for your IVF treatment?

This is a very basic and useful approach when considering the overall cost of an IVF treatment. The cost-benefit (not only the cost) parameter of one IVF treatment should determine its worth and affordability.  Additionally, it can be helpful to treat the IVF cost as regular budgeting for unexpected, not so pleasant occasions in life.
So, with the worries aside, let’s see how to breakdown the IVF cost and how to evaluate the cost of IVF treatments. 

Considerations before IVF  

In vitro fertilization (IVF Cyprus) is a type of assisted reproductive technology that helps couples to get pregnant with fertilizing the egg and the sperm outside the woman’s body. This treatment is usually the last step that the patient(s) take,  because IVF treatments are more expensive compared to other infertility treatments.

On the other side, the statistics have shown that it is the most reliable solution for infertility. The range of IVF treatments is successfully overcoming many infertility causes. IVF stands behind the latest developments in reproductive technology and that should be always kept in mind. 
Undergoing an IVF treatment means receiving extensive fertility evaluations, receiving a list of possibilities and consultations, choosing the most suitable solution with the best experts and having the treatment done. 

Do not forget the benefits

When choosing IVF treatment at certain fertility clinic one must be sure that is going to get:

  • Quality diagnosis and fertility evaluation
  • The most suitable IVF treatment
  • Specific additional treatments to increase the chances of success 
  • Comfortable and relaxed environment
  • Quick and skilled fertility team 
  • Time effective approach 
  • A chance for treatment no matter the age or sexual orientation

When all of  the above is in balance with the cost of the treatment, then the treatment can be perceived as affordable. But except for these values, the cost of the IVF treatment depends on what the treatment offers from a medical point of view. 

IVF Treatment cost breakdown 

When evaluating and making a comparison of prices for IVF treatments all of the following parameters should be taken into consideration: 

  • If the initial consultation is included in the price package
  • If the fertility evaluations for both partners is included in the final price 
  • If the Intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) price is included in the final price
  • If the embryo freezing is included in the price
  • What kind, and if any embryo monitoring is included in the price
  • If sedations are included in the final price 
  • How is the cost of the medication regulated
  • If you consider IVF abroad, is the accommodation and transport included

Besides all of these factors, it is really important to check what the clinic has to offer as an additional assisted reproductive treatment to increase the chances of successful IVF treatment.  Those treatments (For example, assisted hatching, embryo glue, etc.) can be necessary in certain cases during the IVF process itself.
Make sure that the clinic you are choosing is performing them or not, and if yes, what are the prices. 

Why IVF treatments in Cyprus?

Let’s see how IVF in North Cyprus stands with the above-mentioned criterias. 

Competitive prices 

North Cyprus has been listed as the most popular destinations for an IVF treatment in Europe. At the same time it is in the top 10 cost-beneficial locations.  For example, the prices of IVF treatments in North Cyprus are twice as low as the prices of IVF treatment in Spain, significantly lower than average prices in Greece, Latvia.  An average private IVF cycle costs between 2,300 and 5,000 Eur in Europe, about 5,800 Eur in the U.K., and around 10,800 Eur in the United States.
The average price of the treatments in North Cyprus is in the range of 2000 to 5000 Eur, depending on the treatment you need.

Lenient regulations

Regulation factors inhibit a lot of couples to choose an IVF treatment in their own country. For example, in Austria and Norway, a single woman is not accepted as an IVF patient. In France and parts of Germany, doctors still can deny women declaring a lesbian or a single woman for an IVF treatment.  North Cyprus has been considered one of the best locations for IVF treatment from a legislation point of view, too. The specific advantage of IVF in North Cyprus is the liberal regulation frame for IVF which we consider as quite a benefit.

This regulation frame is offering a chance for:

  • Women up to 54 years old
  • Single mothers 
  • Same-sex couples
  • Gender selection due to medical reasons
  • Anonymity with Egg Donation (In case when anonymous egg donor is chosen)

IVF vacation 

For a successful IVF treatment, the well-being of the patients is a must for every fertility clinic. North Cyprus offers this by default. The island offers tranquility and a chance to get out of the concrete jungle of the big cities. As more overwhelming, the IVF process can get, as more relaxing corners for relieving can North Cyprus offer.

How does EuroCARE make IVF affordable? 

Our team is conscious of the financial burden that an IVF treatment can represent. That is the reason why we constantly try to spread our list of available treatments and to adjust our offers so they can fit the demand and also be cost-efficient. 

Free initial consultation

This is something we are really proud that we are able to provide to our patients. Considering how “bumpy” the beginnings of an IVF journey can be, we consider a free initial consultation crucial.  The initial consultation is the first step a couple, or a single woman does towards getting pregnant. At this stage, many questions could be answered by our fertility experts, and the further plan of action can be discussed. At the initial consultation, the patient can meet closer into details of the possibilities that our clinic offers.
Our team is available not only at the clinic! The initial consultation by video skype, video whats app, phone call, e-mail, or face to face meeting in the EuroCARE IVF Clinic.

Time – effective IVF treatment

EuroCARE IVF is providing time-effective solutions. When you contact our clinic by e-mail, phone, whats app, viber or sms, you will be assigned to a personal patient consultant. Your personal patient consultant will be helping you to arrange your appointment with EuroCARE IVF Doctor, gather your test results, prepare your treatment protocol with the medical team, arrange your accommodation, airport-hotel-clinic transfers and give further updates about your IVF process.
The patient coordinators are responsible to make a detailed time-table for the treatment.. Our patients also have the chance to complete some of the IVF treatment steps in the comfort of their homes (Usage of medications and certain therapies)

Different packages 

Our team has prepared several packages that include accommodation and transportation  options. These packages vary based on the individual preferences of our patients.We offer accommodation options for every budget. You can find in our packages a 5 star luxurious holiday resort as well as a studio flat where you can cook your own food. To improve the comfort we also arrange airport-hotel-clinic transfers.
This way we can make sure that the patients won’t spend time worrying about how to get to us 

Affordable prices 

The cost of IVF at our clinic depends on the treatment you need. There are several IVF treatments that we offer at EuroCARE IVF Clinic and  the price range starts from 2000 EUR. Please contact our team to get more detailed information.
For our patients, we always provide an invoice that can be submitted for insurance coverage. We do not have power over your insurance, but we are doing the best to ease your financial burden by providing you an invoice.
IVF Medication in Cyprus is also cheaper compared to other countries. If you are using your own eggs, the hormonal stimulation medication will cost approximately 650 Eur in Cyprus. 

Wide range of solutions for treating infertility

We tend to enlarge the list as best as we can. IVF procedures do not always follow a straight line, but our goal is to be prepared for many possible scenarios. At EuroCARE we have standard IVF treatments performed with your own reproductive material or with an Egg Donor. The establishment and performance of all the treatments following all the Cypriot Ministry of Health regulations. Our activities are ISO certified and accredited.

Currently, euroCARE IVF offers the following main treatments: 

The list of treatments is covering many infertile cases, such as infertile couples, women diagnosed with fertility issues and male infertility. As mentioned already, single women or same-sex couples can also find their treatment within the list.

Additional assisted reproductive technology that euroCARE can offer for increasing the chances of getting pregnant:

These treatments are making the further development of the fertilized embryo more possible and ensure some risks would be avoided. They can cope with problems with the endometrium and uterine’s lining, problems with hatching and selecting quality sperm for fertilization.

Our clinic is also sufficiently equipped to perform specific diagnostics and screening so the maximum quality of the treatment will be achieved. Within those can be found:

  • Preimplantation genetic screening PGS
  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis  PGD

The preimplantation genetic screening and diagnosis help in prevention of genetic diseases transfer to the embryo or preventing a development of certain diseases. 

 Seize the opportunity with EuroCARE!

IVF in North Cyprus is a great option if you’re going through difficulties to start a family. The IVF Cyprus success rates and IVF Cyprus Egg donation rates that our clinic is specific by can be considered as the additional value of our treatments.  At EuroCARE we give our best to help those interested in IVF in every possible way. Starting with a free consultation, our patient coordinators will take care of each step, from organization, to final announcing of the IVF results.

We firmly believe our treatments are affordable for everyone, and that the cost-benefit parameter is balanced properly.
Keep in mind that when choosing an IVF treatment, you are choosing a team behind you, who will support and cheer you until you announce a positive pregnancy test! Our team is just one free consultation away from joining you on the IVF journey. 

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